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Note: This web site has been restored from a 2001 backup so I can show it. Offers made on the site are not valid. Expect broken links.

The Online Programmer's Help Desk  

The Developer's Desk is designed to be a place to help you achieve your web site goals. Whether you are a skillful webmaster or a novice web site developer, this site is designed to help you build or fine-tune your projects. Enjoy your stay in this friendly atmosphere of fellow programmers. Your contribution is appreciated, but we sincerely hope you leave with more than you came with above all else.

About the Round Table
All of the information within 'Web Site Help' & 'Tips & Tricks' are voluntarily contributed. The Developer's Desk makes no guarantee to their validity or stability. We often find that programmers who contribute often have the best intention to enhance the Internet, but we must declare indemification from liability for this contributed information. Use this information at your own risk. If you spot buggy code or potential problems. We invite you to contribute your enhancements and/or fixes. After all, it's a round-table of best intent and common goals.

Did we miss a topic? Let us know, and we will do what we can in getting a new category started and operating. All suggestions welcomed.

The Mind's Nutritional Supplement
While we know that not everyone will find what they are looking for within this site. We aim to make sure you are rewarded for stopping by with the following bit of knowledge. Helpful hint: Pressing reload will invoke new content below. Enjoy!

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